5 Ways to Make Money Online

5 Ways to Make Money Online

Before we had kids, we traveled quite a bit. We also liked to find out the less touristy places and you sometimes meet backpackers who have made travel their ‘job’. In South America we met a couple who had been traveling the world for 11 years! He worked as a web designer and regularly worked a few hours during our boat trip. For some jobs, working via the Internet may seem obvious, but could anyone make some money online in some way ?

How does it work?

The idea behind online work is that it can basically be done anywhere, from home or any other location. A laptop (tablet?) And an internet connection should suffice. In practice, a client sometimes wants to be able to make contact or make an appointment. So not every idea for earning money online can be realized from a hammock.

Where do you start?

To start with, it is useful to think about what you want to achieve with it. Is it your goal to make a living from the income with online money, or would you like to have a hobby that makes some money? Perhaps you are forced to sit at home for a while and you have time to earn some extra money.

List your skills. Are you a web designer, or do you have experience in IT then you have a head start. But you may not have special skills from the IT sector. Then you can still earn money online. You hardly need any digital knowledge for a number of tips.

Make money online

The list is by no means exhaustive and is more intended to give you an idea of ​​the possibilities. There are fellow bloggers who have written more extensively. If you want to know more about this topic, please visit the following blogs: more money less stress , enjoy life with less, Porterenee?

1. Euroclix

We start this list with a classic. Via Euroclicks you can earn money online by completing surveys. Doesn’t all sound very exciting and it isn’t.

It is a combination of saving money through discounts on online purchases and earning money by participating in surveys, reading emails and bringing in new members. You earn ‘clix’ in these two ways that represent a certain value: 1,000 Clix = € 10, – Do not expect that you will earn a real income together; it is more of an extra that does not require too much effort.

Became curious? There are two bloggers who earn quite a lot from it. When you register through them, they and you will immediately receive a welcome bonus. Look and read more at Simple rich life or Zuinigaan.nl

2. Test websites or apps

You can also earn money online by testing sites that are not yet online. This usually concerns English-language sites or apps. No real technical knowledge is required; the intention is that by means of tests it is investigated whether everything is working properly (think of placing an order in a webshop). On average, it takes 15-20 minutes to test a site or app. The standard fee is $ 10 (with User Testing ) to € 20 (with Testbird ) but the sites are also talking about higher fees, up to $ 60.

For this work you need a PC or Mac for site testing. A tablet or smartphone is sufficient for the apps. You also need to be able to express your user experiences in English.

3. Write articles

This is a nice way to earn some extra money. There are sites where you write text on assignment, for example for a site or magazine. The largest provider for copywriters is Textbroker . You are paid per written word. The amount of the compensation per word depends on the level at which you are classified. This classification is determined on the basis of a sample text that you provide with your registration. If you master several languages, it is also worth considering registering as a translator or writer in another language. There are various translation agencies where you can submit your work online. Payment is often made via Paypal.

4. Start a blog

Blogging can be a fun way to make money online. You can monetize blogging in a number of ways. One obvious way is through advertising revenue. Don’t expect too much from that; there are an incredible number of sites and blogs presenting advertising material. The rates are therefore very low.

Another source of income is through collaborations with other companies. They then ask to place an article on a certain topic for a fee. And finally, part of the income comes from affiliate links . These are links to a site or product. When visitors click on the link and buy the product, you earn a pre-agreed amount or percentage. The buyer (who is a visitor to your blog) does not pay anything extra, but the compensation comes from the seller. This is one way of making good income relatively easily.

Do you have a blog and do you want to make some money with it? Then I can certainly recommend this course .

Bloggers have become rich from blogging, but if you are only going to blog to earn money, I would choose a different profession. It is mainly a fun hobby of which a few happened to get rich , and that happens more often.

5. Do ‘something’ in support

This one requires a little explanation. There is an enormous need for support in the field of administration, IT and the like. We have all heard of a virtual assistant: someone who provides remote support with email traffic, administration, managing a website and the like. This support is not limited to answering the phone or other simple administrative tasks. I know someone who has moved his marketing agency to Scandinavia and is still fully active in the Dutch market. Via his own telephone exchange, he can simply be reached by customers via a 088 number known to us. And so there are endless examples to think of… and to find. Became curious? Maybe this site can help you further.

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