October 26, 2020

How to make money on Instagram without sponsored posts

With over one billion users per month consisting of more than 70 percent young people (up to 35 years), Instagram is today considered one of the most prominent channels for digital marketing in the world. Although Instagram is a popular platform among influencers, only a small percentage of them earn enough money to make a living from […]

how to make money on Instagram

Milan’s 50,000 followers get to join in daily pastel-colored breakfasts, shimmering coffee breaks, tempting afternoon teas and various magical journeys. She shares everything from restaurant tips to today’s outfit and receives hundreds of comments from followers – worldwide. Here Milana shares her best tips for starting to get paid for Instagram posts. 1. Write your email […]

The new plans for your wallet in 2021

It is now the third Wednesday in September. Traditionally, the new government plans for next year were presented yesterday. Due to the current corona crisis, it was already clear in advance that it would not be a very cheerful story financially. Nevertheless, there are a few plans that will favorably affect your wallet in 2021. It’s mostly good news, […]