Basics of building a healthy body

Basics of building a healthy body

From “Obesity Prevention and Improvement” to “Healthy Body Building”

A nutritionally balanced diet, proper exercise and good sleep are important for a healthy body. However, if these are disturbed for many years, it will lead to lifestyle-related diseases. Tanita advocates health promotion with an approach of “prevention and improvement of obesity” in order to build a healthy body.
Obesity is defined as “an abnormally increased proportion of adipose tissue.” In particular, research results have reported that a large amount of visceral fat is likely to cause lifestyle-related diseases. It is important to establish a proper lifestyle for “prevention and improvement of obesity”. However, it takes time to improve the wrong lifestyle. There is a phenomenon called “reversion” in habits, and it happens that “unknowingly returns to the original habit”. For this reason, it is important to “improve slowly over time within a sustainable range.”

Creating a body tailored to people

Different people have different ways of building a healthy body.
Some people are obese and need a diet, and vice versa, they are having trouble gaining weight.
It is necessary to promote health according to the person’s body and situation.

“Keep in mind” at meals

1. Occasionally check what you
eat The amount and content of your meals can be unknowingly biased. From time to time, check that you are eating the amount you need and that your nutritional balance is not disturbed.

2. When traveling or eating out continues, adjust with meals before and after
eating out, even if you are careful, you tend to be over-calorie or short of vegetables. If you plan to eat out in advance, adjust the meals before and after. Also, when it is difficult to make adjustments such as when traveling, let’s open it up again and enjoy it. But be careful not to overeat.

3. Do not create an environment that causes
overeating To prevent overeating, it is also important to look at the eating environment. Keep an eye on all food-related activities, from buying food to storing, cooking, serving, leftovers, and cleaning up.

“Keep in mind” in exercise

1. Occasionally check the amount of exercise / activity with a pedometer, activity meter, etc. It
is better to make your daily life more active than to exercise at a sports club once a week. It consumes a lot of energy. Check for opportunities to increase your activity in your current lifestyle, such as doing household chores diligently and using the stairs to climb up and down elevators and escalators at stations.

2. Perform aerobic exercise, strength training, and stretching in a well-balanced
manner, all of which are necessary for health promotion. I want to do it in a well-balanced manner in order to prevent injuries and bring out the effects of each exercise.

Exercise that keeps your pace and does not compare with others (do not try too hard) will be effective only if you can continue. Physical strength is different for each person. Competitiveness, weakness, and inferiority complex can interfere with continued exercise. Don’t forget what you started exercising for.

Keep in mind in sleep

1. Avoid cutting sleep time as much as possible As
society becomes more 24-hour, the average sleep time is gradually becoming shorter. In addition, there are many occasions where you spend less time sleeping for work, study, or hobbies. Sleep deprivation is often neglected as daytime sleepiness and tiredness, but recent studies have reported a link with obesity and lifestyle-related diseases. Get enough sleep every day for your daily health.

2. Calm your mind before going to bed
“Time” is important for sleep, but “quality of sleep” is also important. It is important to relax before going to bed so that you can get enough deep sleep without waking up on the way. Before going to bed, learn how to relax in your own way, such as dimming the room, reading lightly, listening to quiet music and stretching.

3. Get plenty of sunlight The
habit of waking up at a fixed time in the morning also leads to good health. When you wake up, open the curtains and soak up the sun to reset your body clock. Get in the habit of basking in the sun, as the amount of substances that cause drowsiness when exposed to the sun decreases, and conversely, substances that promote nerve activity are actively secreted.

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