Gustavo Alfaro looks forward to his new experience with Ecuador

Gustavo Alfaro set out on his flight to Ecuador to begin his work as technical director of that country, with the slogan of planning the first matches of the tie heading to World Cup 2022 .

09/07/2020 at 03:11


This Sunday at the airport, he declared that although everything happened very quickly, he is very happy to take on this new experience.

"It is a very nice challenge, everything happened very quickly because of what happened with Jordi Cruyff and his decision not to continue. It is a chance that seduced me, it is a very complex job, but there is a very great illusion to go for a place in the next World Cup ", he commented to TNT Sports.

In the same way, the strategist announced that these weeks will be of intense work, since next September 18 will announce its first call.

"You stop being a coach to be a coach, the day to day changes. Beyond the fact that I was always a club coach, one of my goals was to reach a national team. Since August 25, I have been in office here. We will define a framework list for September 18 ".

Likewise, Alfaro stressed that it will be a great challenge to start as a visitor against Argentina although he regretted that there is no public in the Bombonera.

"Very nice, first, for facing Argentina for all that it means. I will step on that emblematic, incredible temple again. It is very difficult to translate into words what it is like to leave that tunnel and cross the field towards the substitute benches when the stadium roars, it beats. Unfortunately, I would have liked to see it full, as it always is ",

Finally, the former technician of Arsenal asserted that thanks to his work, especially with Boca Juniors he can take on challenges like now with Ecuador.

"Boca's size and challenge put you in a different place, it is difficult to access those teams. Passing that test is what opens up the possibility of facing challenges like these," he declared.