how to make money on Instagram

how to make money on Instagram

Milan’s 50,000 followers get to join in daily pastel-colored breakfasts, shimmering coffee breaks, tempting afternoon teas and various magical journeys. She shares everything from restaurant tips to today’s outfit and receives hundreds of comments from followers – worldwide.

Here Milana shares her best tips for starting to get paid for Instagram posts.

1. Write your email in the cinema

First things first, write your email clearly in your bio. Absolutely no references to being able to write in DM – many companies check profiles via the internet and thus can not write on insta message. This makes it much easier for companies to reach out to you.

2. Sign up on influencer platforms 

There are lots of different companies that handle the contact between influencers and companies – they handle campaign proposals and invoice management and usually pay the compensation via PayPal or as a salary. When you are in their register, these companies work actively to find suitable collaborations for their profiles. Examples of these are:

3. Determine a price

You must actively know your price yourself so that you can be the first to come up with price proposals if a collaboration comes up. Simply put, you usually take (approximately) SEK 1 / like per picture. So, you get an average of about 500 likes, so you can take 500 SEK per picture. Others go by the number of followers – per 10,000 followers you get about SEK 1,000. Of course, it is free to set your very own prices. I recommend starting a little lower and then raising the price a little for each new collaboration. But do no one else’s job for free! This brings us to the next point ..

4. Learn to negotiate 

Stick to your price – you will never make money if you choose to do all the collaborations via barter. Never forget that if you give companies free exposure on their channels, then this is worth so much more than almost any free product. In almost all cases (99%), it basically costs nothing to give away products, whether it is things or experiences. Companies put a large margin on their selling prices so do not be fooled when they write “you get products worth ..” – the company has certainly only paid a fraction of the price of the purchase. If you receive an email with a collaboration proposal – be clear right from the start that you want paid.

5. Send your information to PR agencies 

If you do not tell about yourself, no one will find you, right? So summarize yourself and your statistics in a media kit (you can do one easily and for free on, image examples of my media kit can be found below) and send out to all relevant PR agencies in your city. Introduce yourself, write which areas you are interested in and with what kind of customers (is it food, fashion or training) you can offer to collaborate with. Have a good dialogue with your PR agencies, these you can turn to for support and ideas on how to develop your Instagram.

6. Get paid right

If you have the opportunity to start an AB or sole proprietorship, do so – then you can easily send out invoices and get help from the tax authorities to estimate your payments correctly. Otherwise, there are more different pages; such as freelance finance or coolcompany that invoices your customers when you do not have your own company – however, my experience of them is that they charge quite large percentages for their services. Never agree to get paid black – it does not benefit you in the long run. Swish to a private number is not correct payment for example.

7. Actively look for collaborations 

Do not just sit and wait for emails to come in, take a look at your feed, what products/experiences do you take naturally? Who could YOU contact and create a genuine collaboration with? Do you take a lot of training? contact a protein powder company, write to a gym/hotel and ask if you can come and take photos/review their facility. Do you take a lot of food? Contact the companies that are on the food/products you usually buy / photograph! Write to restaurants etc.

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