Stuani has an exit clause

Quique Cárcel recognized him in an interview: Stuani has many numbers to leave Girona this summer. He will return to training tomorrow as planned but the Uruguayan forward will leave Montilivi's ship in the next few days.

Sep 05, 2020 at 7:38 pm


At the moment, his fate has not been decided, but according to the newspaper ‘La Grada’, the Uruguayan could go to any team since he would have ended his contract with Girona. According to the media, Stuani had a clause that allowed him to leave the Girona team at the end of the season as long as the team had not achieved promotion. And so it has been. Girona will be in Second Division for another year.

In addition, the club will see its salary limit and its income reduced, so it seems complicated that it can assume the Uruguayan player's file with or without a current contract. Let us remember that their link, a priori, was until June 2023. Thus, all the scenarios from now on are open.

Sounds for Espanyol

Stuani has sounded in recent days to reinforce Espanyol if De Tomás finally leaves the blue and white ship. The Uruguayan already knows the house, since he was playing several seasons as a parakeet, but there has still been no contact between the parties. It will also depend on what happens with the blue and white ‘11’ who for the moment is still under Vicente Moreno's orders and it does not seem that his situation is going to move much in the coming days.

A good part of Girona's sports planning revolves around the name of Stuani, although the technical secretariat and the offices already know that the Uruguayan will not be a player for the Girona team next season. We will see if the future of a key player for Girona is resolved soon.