The OnePlus 8T would arrive with 120Hz and 48MP camera

Last April OnePlus launched its new range of OnePlus 8 devices, which reduced the sacrifice in specifications to practically zero, being a premium terminal as required by the canons. Also, months later we had the pleasure of meeting a new device within the mid-range, the OnePlus Nord. With this strategy, the company would satisfy a much larger audience, not forgetting its origins with the last mentioned terminal. Now as usual, it is the turn of the review of their devices with their 'XT' models. In this case, we know more details about the OnePlus 8T a terminal that would arrive in stores very soon.

09/05/2020 at 20:44


Antonio Vallejo Taslimi

According to the Android Central medium, the OnePlus 8T would include a 6.55-inch AMOLED screen and 120Hz frequency . In this way, the OnePlus 8T would be equated with the current OnePlus 8 Pro. In this case, we can switch between 60Hz and 120Hz to save battery at certain times. Another of its highlights is its camera. And is that the OnePlus 8T would include a four-camera system with a 48MP main sensor a 16MP wide-angle camera, a 5MP macro and a 2MP portrait lens. In addition, it would include the latest in terms of performance, with a Snapdragon 865+ 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage.

OnePlus would present this terminal at the end of this month or even at the beginning of October, we will have to wait for a confirmation from the company itself. The OnePlus 8T would arrive with OxygenOS 11 and Android 11 as standard, which would make it an updated terminal as much as possible.