The team that can bring together Luis Suárez and Cavani

Luis Suárez and Edison Cavani are one step away from leaving their respective clubs, Barcelona and PSG. A pair of scorers that many teams dream of having in their ranks. Among them there is a South American who dreams of it for a long time. It is the National of Uruguay in which Álvaro Recoba is, who did not hesitate to point out on the TNT Sports microphones that he would like to sign both of them for his team.

Sep 16, 2020 at 12:51 am


" The years will say that Luis Suárez was one of the three or four best in the history of Uruguayan football. In Barcelona when they said that Luis was chubby he scored two or three goals in the following games. The situation in the club today hurts. Players who gave so much must be respected. Football is ungrateful in these cases but wherever it decides to play it will be fine. Uruguay needs it well for the national team and hopefully it will take a quick one decision and arrive with filming to the national team. If I had the money, I will bring them both, him and Edinson Cavani to Nacional … They both come … Sure, "said the former Inter Milan player, who knows that both Luis Suárez, still in the ranks of Barcelona, ​​and Edison Cavani, who has left PSG, still cannot find a team where to play the next season.