The Trinidad Alfonso Foundation allocates 1.5 million to families with athletic boys and girls affected by Covid-19

The Trinidad Alfonso Foundation has launched a new aid program with the aim of reactivating the sports ecosystem of the Valencian Community in the midst of the economic crisis caused by Covid-19 . After having doubled the aid to scholarship athletes through the FER Project or the promotion of competitions and events, such as the Mapfre Tennis League or the athletics meetings held in Castellón to help in the return to the athletes competition, the entity chaired by Juan Roig seeks to reactivate grassroots sport in the Valencian Community by directly helping families affected by the economic crisis caused by Covid-19, through the Activate Families program.

09/15/2020 at 2:43 PM


In this program the families that have minors registered in any of the 34 autonomous federations linked to the projects of the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation (FER Futur, regional teams or Esport a l'Escola + 1h).

Coinciding with the return to school of the boys, girls and young people, the training sessions and competitions of sports clubs and schools also return. For this reason, Juan Roig will invest 1.5 million euros per year of his personal assets over the next four years to defray part of the expenses involved in the federated sports practice of the minor sons and daughters of Valencian families. The amount of this finalist project will go directly to the families of the Valencian Community to prevent any boy or girl from abandoning or ceasing to start practicing sports for financial reasons.

“E he program was created with the intention of mitigating the loss of athletes in base categories in the face of the economic crisis derived from the Covid-19 pandemic and preventing there from being any minor who, for that reason, Either he does not start in sports, or he has to leave it if he was already federated. It is also a finalist aid, which will go directly to the family and we want to thank the clubs and federations for having welcomed the initiative in such a positive way, since their work and help will be essential to achieve this objective. It is not only for the Foundation, but it must be for everyone: that no one is left behind in these moments that we are living & rdquor ;, explained Elena Tejedor, director of the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation.

The Foundation will assign a maximum of 150 euros per year to each family that has a minor athlete and who meets any of these three requirements:

Receive the Minimum Inclusion Income.
Receive the Valencian Generalitat Dining Grant.
Father and mother (both) or one of them (in single-parent families) are unemployed, affected by ERTE or they receive the benefit for cessation of activity and self-employment.

Families may request this aid through their club from today, September 15, until next October 15.

In order to access these grants, the clubs in which the minors are active must agree not to raise the quotas for their minor athletes next season. That money will be deducted directly from the families of the expenses they should incur for the minor's sports practice, such as tuition, monthly fees or expenses on equipment.

Project # EActíVateEsport

This 'Activate Familias' program is part of the global project # EActíVateEsport, promoted by the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation and also funded through the personal patrimony of Juan Roig, and which aims to reactivate sport in the Valencian Community and mitigate the effects of the health and economic crisis caused by Covid-19. This family-oriented program joins two others that were announced last spring. On the one hand, FER +, which meant doubling the investment of the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation in the athletes of the FER Project to help them get ready after confinement and in the coming months.

The other measure, focused on sporting events and events, was to also increase investment in the PAC CV and PAC CV + program, with the aim that the Valencian Community continues to be a benchmark in the organization of events top-level sports cars . More specifically, in addition, the grants from the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation have helped bring the Mapfre Tennis League to the Valencian Community and have promoted the holding of different athletics meetings in the province of Castellón.

In addition, two important world-class sporting events are ahead: the Valencia Marathon, converted into an elite event or the appointment of next October 7 at the Estadi del Turia de athletismo, in the one that Joshua Cheptegei will seek the world record of 10,000 meters in Valencia City of Running.