Winning combination of the Bonoloto draw

You can now check the results of today's Bonoloto draw.

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The winning combination in the Bonoloto draw held on Friday, September 4, 2020, consists of the numbers: 1, 29, 30, 32, 41 and 46 . The complementary number has been number 47 and the refund has corresponded to number 4 . The jackpot at stake to be distributed among the first category winners was € 800,000.00 .

The prize obtained depends on the number of winners in each category. As no top-notch winning bets are found, the prize will roll into the next day's jackpot. Since there are also no second category winners, the prize will go to third category winners. For this draw, € 2,470,235.50 have been raised from a total of 4,940,471 bets. Of this amount, it will go to prizes € 1,358,629.53 .

Category Winners Prize
1st (6 hits) 0 0.00 €
2nd (5 hits + C) 0 0 .00 €
3rd (5 hits) 54 5,534.52 €
4th (4 hits) 3,432 € 45.96
5th (3 hits) 70.357 € 4.00
Refund 494.359 € 0.50

Bonoloto game mechanics

It consists of a daily draw carried out by Lotteries and State Bets from Monday to Saturday (included) every week. The mechanics consists of choosing numbers between 1 and 49 in two modalities: single and multiple.

The simple bet consists of choosing six numbers from the 49 available in each of the eight existing blocks per ticket. As many bets as blocks are used will be played.

The multiple bet consists of choosing five numbers or between seven and 11 numbers so that there is a better chance of hitting the winning combination of six numbers . In this way, 44, 7, 28, 84, 201 or 462 combinations of different numbers can be played, depending on the number of numbers that have been previously chosen.

In addition, the extraction of two other numbers is performed numbers: the refund number, which must coincide with that of the ticket to recover the bet, and the complementary one, so that the winners of five numbers can thus see their prize increased.

Regarding the participation in the draws, there are two ways to do it in the Bonoloto:

Daily draw : to play only in one of the six weekly draws (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday).

Weekly draw : to play in the six weekly draws (Monday to Saturday) with the same ticket.

Bonoloto draw schedule

It is a draw that takes place from Monday to Saturday every week at the same time: 9:30 p.m.

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