YouTube Shorts, Google's proposal similar to TikTok, prepares for launch

The TikTok formula has been a success of such colossal dimensions that the greatest exponents in the world of content creation and social networks have been launched to launch their proposals similar to the app developed by ByteDance . First, Instagram did it with Reels, and now YouTube Shorts, a reduced format of the platform where users can upload videos in the style of TikTok has arrived. The last mentioned is already preparing for its launch, where in a matter of months, it will reach the whole world.

Sep 15, 2020 at 4:54 pm


Antonio Vallejo Taslimi

Through the official YouTube blog the company has announced the arrival of YouTube Shorts, where they describe it as "a new experience in a shorter format for creators and artists who want to record short videos and catchy using only their mobile phones. " With a proposal similar to TikTok, the success of the moment in terms of social networks, Google also wants to take a piece of the cake. Recall that the firm has used the YouTube brand to develop an entire streaming music platform. Now he is launching another initiative under this name again, moving the TikTok formula to YouTube.

At the moment, YouTube Shorts would first launch in India precisely where TikTok is banned. Then, in the coming months we will hear more news of this new format and its arrival in other regions.