Yulimar, best world brand of the season

The Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas universal record holder on the indoor track, this Saturday set the best world record of the triple jump season in Castellón, with 14.71 meters.

09/05/2020 at 22:58



The pupil of the Cuban Iván Pedroso who participated in a control organized by the Playas de Castellón and the Valencian Territorial Federation on the Gaetá Huguet track, had to wait for his sixth and last attempt to, with a downwind of 0.7 m / s, to be at the head of the universal ranking, which until now was led by Cuban Liadagmis Povea with 14.55.

He started with a null, then he managed to jump 14.47 and 14.42, he failed again on the fourth and on the fifth attempt s, and on the sixth he flew to 14.71.

Olympic runner-up in Rio 2016 and two-time outdoor world champion in London 2017 and Doha 2019 and indoor in Portland 2016 and Birmingham 2018, she broke the indoor world record last February with 15.43.